Friday, August 24, 2012

We Interrupt this break for Fashion

I'm a huge fan of style blogs because they provide both entertainment and useful tips. I like to learn bits of fun information about people and see their clothes so most style blogs are a win-win. Unfortunately, most style blogs seem to be filled with beautiful maybe models, you know the girls who look so perfect they could model, except they;re just a touch too short or have a fear or runways or are brilliant at investment banking. Meanwhile. me and 5"4' frame is swallowed up in the world fashion and fashion blogging. However, every once and while I stumble across a gem that reminds me of the beauty of owning and wearing beautiful things no matter much or little they cost. These women stir up my secret dream to start my own style blog showing my own attempts at doing at 30 for 30; how I wore an outfit I found on Pinterest, or how I make myself look casual, girly. cute, business-y, or anything else just by exploring my closet. My biggest accomplishment has to be pulling off all of these looks with a non existent shopping budget (due to being retired and on Social Security) and numerous body landmines that must be addressed before I decide which super cute outfit I plan to wear.

What I love seeing is all of us, all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, all of what we bring. I want to see it. I don't want to be a mom, but I would to hear and see your story. I won't ever live in NYC but please bring me into your world. I don't see there being a chance of me moving to Iowa, but if it's fun and fulling to you, I will listen to anything you have to say and wonder how I could recreate some of the amazing outfits you wear. And if we really want ethnic groups to learn each other; then get their women a laptop and one of those fancy camera. The clothes and women who wear them well will tell them most of what they're wondering.

Below I've linked to four blogs that I love because they were brave enough to do what I think I can't or shouldn't:

Snappy Casual She loves her style and isn't defined by finances or trends. Most importantly she dresses for her body and doesn't attempt something that doesn't fit with who is as a woman.

Consider Me Lovely Her "Your Body is Fabulous" serious is amazing. In my fantasy world I'm submitting a post that she shares with her readers.

Fabulously Average  She understands that with out her diversity her life wouldn't be a fabulous! What a great lesson.

10thirteen Just a fun girl. I mean she makes animal print professional. I want to hang with her and borrow some of that confidence.

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Leslie said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for your sweet words, it means alot! Stop by anytime, and remember - the key to confidence sometimes is to fake it until you make it! ;-)